Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I've been tagged by Rachel, from over at RachelHeyworthsBlog! Thanks, Rache :)!

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Have you ever been to a rodeo? Nope! Would like to see one sometime, though.

Have you ever tried to ride a cow?
I've seriously considered it! But, no, I've never actually tried it. :D

Have you ever milked a cow or goat?

Have you ever been to a demolition derby?
Yeah, but I hardly remember it. I was young at the time.

What's your favorite country song?
Well, I'm not a huge fan of alot of country music, but I listen to it sometimes at work. Don't have a favorite, but I like "Only You Can Love Me This Way" by Keith Urban, "I Just Call You Mine" by Martina McBride, "Temporary Home" by Carrie Underwood, and a few others.

Do you like to hunt?
I like to hunt. Doesn't mean I do it very often though :D

Have you ever cooked your breakfast over an open fire in your backyard?
Not in the backyard! But I have a couple times while camping. :)

Have you ever thought that the muck was shallow and when you stepped in it, you sank knee deep?
Well, I've never had it quite that bad! :D But I have been in some pretty muddy places before. We did a basement once and the mud was like 3 inches deep all around the whole thing, and so we worked in that for a couple weeks. haha

What is the hardest thing you have ever done?
That's a tough question! Spiritually, I would agree with what Rachel had for her answer here. That is always a hard thing for me, but I want to get to the place where I just automatically give it all to Him, and don't hold anything back. Physically the hardest thing was when I was left alone to do part of the roof on the first day of my very first gambrel roof barn. I was scared to death and shaking up there. :D And being nervous just makes it that much worse, so, yeah, that was not too fun. lol

(The question is optional) what’s one of your most embarrassing moments?
lol. Ok. I guess I'd have to say my most embarrassing moment was when I was skiing for the first time. There were like all these kids who were like half my size having no problem with their skis, and I fell almost as soon as I put them on. Then, when I finally made it over to the tow rope for the bunny hill, I fell almost as soon as I grabbed the rope. :D I got all tangled up and it took me forever to get back on my feet. And the biggest thing was it was in front of like the whole ski lodge, and it was packed that day. lol I'll never forget that. :D

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Give everything you have to God. Everything. All your mind, all your dreams, all your strength. And I can tell you, you will never, ever regret it. Sometimes it seems impossibly hard at the time, but later on you won't regret doing the right thing. And sometimes for me I'm afraid if I give up something, I won't get it, or it won't be the way I want it. As far as the way I want it, it might not be that way; but the truth is, nothing is good outside of Him. So if we ignore His will and do what we want, we won't ever know the power and the peace and the joy that only comes with giving Him our all. So, even if it seems hard, do it! He will bless you; and don't forget, He desires the best for us in everything!

Thursday, December 31, 2009

I Got a Blog Award!

I've received a blog award! Thanks to Renee over at Nay's Thoughts! Right now I'm just going to post the seven things that my readers don't know about me.


1. I used to be deathly afraid of heights of any kind. So I went and got a job that requires you to be up on steep roofs all the time :P Go figure!

2. I have really bad allergies to things. I was like off the charts when they tested me. But it actually doesn't affect me very much. Mostly I just have a stuffy nose and a little asthma, and occasionally a runny nose.

3. I love good coffee. Most of the time I would much rather go to Starbuck's than DQ or any other place.

4. I used to kinda be into hunting, but this year I haven't hunted once. Too busy with other things! One of the guys at work thinks I'm a traitor for that :D

5. I've done a little bit of just about everything and a lot of some things that have to do with building and finishing and remodeling a house. Framing, drywall, roofing, electrical, plumbing, flooring, trim work, windows, doors, furnace and duct installation, cabinets...

6. My personality is kinda calm and laid back for the most part (I think, sometimes it's hard to see who you are :D; correct me, my friends who personally know me, if that's not true), but can be intense and fun. Especially when I'm playing a competitive game; man, I really get into it sometimes :D

7. God has blessed me with many friends in the past year, who are a great encouragement to me! Together, we want to be a light in this world, showing the love of Christ to each other, so that maybe the world will see and desire what we have, and they never can.

Well, that's some about me! That was harder than I thought! It took me like half an hour to figure all these. Well, I'll hopefully get on here soon to write a little more. Have a happy New Year, everyone! Make it one that's pleasing to God!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

It's Been So Long, I Fogot to Write a Title Here and had to Go Edit

Hey! Wow, it's been a while. It feels really good to be writing a blog post again. :) So much has happened since my last post! Man! I've got a new baby brother! His name is Justin Nicholas Wegner. I don't think I mentioned that in my last one. I don't think he was born yet! lol And he's almost three months old! Time flies, bigtime. But then some of that stuff I was writing about in my last post seems so far away now, it's crazy, but it wasn't actually that long ago. It's weird how life just moves on, and you get lost in time, and you take a look back and it's like, wow, that seems like forever ago but yet it seems like yesterday.

I don't even know where to start here! I want to say I'm gonna be posting more regularly, but it's all in how much spare time I have, which usually is very little. :D And we all know that just cuz I say that doesn't mean it'll happen. lol Everyone in my family's doing really well! Praise God for that! It's been a rough year for us, as most of you probably know. We were just looking back Thursday (Thanksgiving) over everything we have to be thankful for, and it's crazy what the Lord's given us. Even with Justin, He's been so faithful to keep Him as healthy as he could possibly be in the curcumstances he was in. It's a long story to go into that; maybe I wrote on that before, i don't remember! lol Maybe I'll write an update on him soon. But, He's given me a job, health, strength, a semi-smart mind ;), and second chances left and right! He's so merciful, guys. It's crazy. And not only is He merciful, He's loving and He's good and He's justice all at once, and so many other things. The thought popped into my head the other day, sparked by something a friend said, that every good character trait, whether it's grace or mercy or love or justice or any other thing that's good, if we want to know the definition of it, just look to Him! He takes all those things and blends them all into one perfect blend! Which we seem to have an impossibly hard time doing. I know, all that I said there is obvious. But think about it for a minute. It's powerful. Take time to know who He is, His character, His ways. That's the way to get discernment: when you know the character of Christ, that's when you can correctly discern truth from error when things are in the grey areas. That is, if you're looking to Him, and not just at what you want. That leads to a question I had posed to me this week, and I've really been thinking on it and asking a couple other people the same question. Are you seeking Christ's kingdom first? Is your life helping to bring His kingdom to this earth? It's a hard question. At least it was for me. Now, I'm not someone who thinks that unless you give up everything you have (I mean literally like sell everything, you now what I mean) then you're not living for Christ. Or you can't have a job and be saving money and looking to maybe have a family of your own someday if it's in His will for you, and that if you're doing that then you're not "giving it all." But, where's your heart. Especially you guys and girls who are around my age. What are you living for? Are you living for your future home? Or are you living for Christ, and a possible home of your own is something to look forward to and prepare for, but not to live for? Just some thoughts to be thinking on, if you want. :) It's crazy how we always have to be checking and double checking our motives for things. You know, most things that take me away from God are not necessarily sinful things in and of themselves. They're more things that are ok, but I take them, put them in the wrong place in my heart, have the wrong motives, or something like that, and before you know it you're over there, and God's over here. And that's why motives and the spirit of something is so important to me, because I think when there's a question on something, that's where you have to go for answers. And then that's where the discernment comes in. And man, do I need more of that. And it's a fine line to be drawn, because you can get too caught up in what the spirit of something is and lose track of what the Bible says. Or you can be a lawmaker and just make up rules left and right off of what you think the Bible says. But the happy medium is, I think, the happy medium, where you have a balance of both things. And there's a difference between discerning for your life or your family's life, and discerning for everyone else's life. lol Quite often, the second discerning becomes restricting to Christ and judgmental, and leads to unnecessary strife and division in His body. Yet again, a fine, fine line to be drawn, and I can't really see where it should be. I guess, that's what the Holy Spirit is for, right? To lead us when we face those impossibly fine lines!

Woah, I got a little rambling there and jumping from one thing to the next. :D Sorry about that! Hope it all makes sense, though. You know what's really awesome? Getting Thursday off, working one day, and then having another two full days off! :) Very nice. Looking forward to this weekend, especially tomorrow! ;) Today should be really good, too.

Live for Him!